Fuzhou photography training teaches you online jewelry jewelry shooting skills

Fuzhou Photography Training Teaches you the shooting skills of the jewellery products of the online store

Fuzhou Photography Training - - a good place to teach people the shooting skills of the products. Fear. But shooting jewellery is actually simpler than shooting larger objects, because the studio settings are simpler.
once you have determined the settings, please check the seven sketchy items required for photographing the jewellery.

1. it's not a good idea to use a flash camera to photograph photos of sparkling jewellery in a window. Jewellery will reflect bright light, so that your product is covered by white light spots, there are dazzling shadows in the background, as shown in the following two examples.
Unless you are a very skilled photographer and have a very professional studio, use natural light to take pictures of your jewelry products. Remember, with regard to natural lighting, you expect to use the sun as a direct source of light, so place the product close to the window during the day. The
is the same as the built-in flash, and bright sunlight produces reflections and dazzling shadows, so you may want to diffuse light. You can use a white paper or a piece of paper to cover the windows; any other color will change the color of the light.
A sheet of white paper or a sheet of paper Most jewelry reflectance means that it absorbs all other colors, so you should shoot on a white set to prevent changing the color of the work. White also reflects light, and dark absorbs it, so if you shoot in a white setting, your product will be brighter.

Although it is more difficult to get a good picture of a jewelry product than to use a product image like a pure blue chair, jewelry does have a scale advantage. You don't need to stretch the whiteboard from the wall to create a white setting - just use a piece of paper and fold it in half to make it stand. So simple!

a mannequin bust is used to display your jewelry in the best way. Most craft stores sell Necklace bodymodels, which is a great way to make your product look beautiful and realistic.

I found that most shops had black busts because they exposed and elegant jewelry. But as I mentioned above, shooting your product with white will make it look better. Jewelry is no exception. Therefore, if you only need a black jewelry chest, cover it with white cloth, and then shoot. You can then delete the scenery.

look at the two below. I deleted the scenery for comparison, but you can see that the white collar looks better. Exposure and contrast become more natural.
4. cardboard without mannequin? Create a jewelry clipboard. Take a piece of cardboard, cover it with white paper, and nail or tie the two ends of the collar. You can always adjust the length of the chain and choose where to choose from, so don't worry too much about the scale unless you have a large one.

may require some rated moments to use cardboard, but like a mannequin, it shows the natural shape of the collar and looks beautiful when you shoot from the front.

5. Blu-Tack, adhesive dots or double-sided tapes are useful for rings, Blu-Tack, adhesive spots and double-sided tapes. You can place the ring horizontally and get a very good view, as shown below.

6. strings are used to hang earrings with fishing lines or lines. This demand takes more time to set up, but great photos will happen. A good idea is to use a folded cardboard to stretch the rope from one panel to another, as shown below. When you are actually shooting, make sure your drape stops moving.

7. small aperture is a reminder of using digital SLR camera to produce product photos. To bring your entire product together, set a small aperture: f/8 and f/16 should work well. I don't want to be too skilled, but if you want to know more about the aperture, check out our blog post, which describes the product's aperture, ISO and shutter speed.
to make a long story short, this aperture setup will allow you to focus on the entire jewellery without blurring the nook. If you look at the next two shots, the first is the aperture set to f / 3.5. As you can see, there is no focus on the margin, especially on the left ear ring. When the aperture is set to f / 8, the two earrings are fully focused.

shooting jewelry is very simple! That sounds too simple. Most of the things you can find lie around the house, so don't make excuses to take pictures of great products! Want to take good photos can come to our Fuzhou Shengming Photography Co., Ltd. professional training for your Fuzhou photography, can dial the phone to register: 0591-87113180



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