Fuzhou Sheng Ming photography training club: what are the interesting ways to take pictures in study?

Fuzhou Sheng Ming photography training club: what are the interesting ways to take pictures in study?

photography training in Fuzhou. Photography is an inductive art, some people think that the art of photography is boring, or that photography can only go traditional. This is not the case. Taking advantage of photography skills, you can also take pictures of many interesting pictures. So, what are the interesting ways to take pictures in photography? The teacher of Fuzhou Sheng Ming photography training club commentary for us. Rolling cameras: Normally, you should hold your camera properly so that it doesn't get blurred by the camera's noise during exposure, but actually rolling your camera programmatically will make the picture more abstract and add artistic colors, especially when you're shooting at different colors of light or at night. More notable. The trick is to neglect your shutter so that you have enough time to catch light. Horizontal movement and rotation are common skills when taking photos. Conceptual Focusing: Who says the focus must be on the subject? In fact, sometimes the camera is turned to manual focusing and the subject is deliberately allowed to photograph against the focus like an oil painting.

3, adjust the focus when taking a picture: adjust the focus when taking a picture, in fact, when the camera opens the shutter to change the focus, the picture will be full of motion, is a very simple technique, but only for zoom lens.
4, Flash Cooperative Slow Synchronization Shutter: When taking a portrait at night, you can use the Slow Synchronization Shutter to absorb more field light, and use the flash to "condense" the main body. If you add the "pull-out" technique mentioned in Tip 2, you can take a conceptual picture.
5, take pictures from the low: try to take pictures with ultra-low point of view, so that the main body with the normal naked eye to see the feeling is different, if add wide-angle lens can highlight the main body, to express exaggerated role.
6. Photographing from a height: Photographing from a low point in Photo Technique 4 allows us to capture images from a point of view, that is, from a high altitude down. In addition to taking pictures from an airplane, we can actually use a tripod with a long shutter line or self-timer function to do this, advocating the use of wide-angle and even fish-eye lenses. The photos will be more interesting. Above
is about "Fuzhou Photography Training: Interesting Photography Methods in Photography Learning" introduction. Funny photography can also help photographers, improve their photographic skills, while adding the fun of taking pictures. If we like photographic art, we can enroll in Fuzhou Shengming Photography Training Club to further improve our photographic skills. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven



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