Course Features:

Aiming at the door-to-door service of enterprises with high cost-effectiveness, helps enterprises to create photographic associations or groups, plans photographic activities, photographic competitions, photographic exhibitions, enriches the cultural life of employees, and promotes the construction of enterprise culture

[Education Policy]

. Through systematic study and practice, students are encouraged to take photos. Grasp the operation and use of the camera from the shallow to the deep, understand the meaning, content and specific use of the basic technical terms in photography

2. grasp the landscape, sightseeing, portraits, meetings and other single photographic concepts and photographic methods and photographic techniques

3. improve students'aesthetic ability, cultivate the ability to distinguish between good and bad pictures "Eye"

course stresses: basic photographic terms, photographic techniques and photographic use

[course overview]:

. operation and use of digital SLR cameras

2. often involved in photography terms, terms, concepts and operational use

3. grasp white balance, photometry and exposure, mixing The photographic concept, photographic techniques, post-processing, and the selection and modification of photographic materials for landscape photography, sightseeing photography, environmental portraits, wedding meetings, etc. are developed for beginners or those who want to take pictures. This course

is supported by many excellent photographic enterprises and teachers in Fujian Province. For commercial photographers,

photographic concepts and practical techniques are carefully taught and synchronized with the domestic commercial photographic environment to upgrade the content and methods of education, so that more photographers can improve their professional productivity in an all-round way. Influences and Competitiveness, if you love taking pictures and want to take

pictures in the future, this course will provide you with the most professional foundation and development channels. The

curriculum guideline

through the system special training way, lets the student from the beginning study or the zero-root completion independent completion commercial photography content

becomes the qualified photographer

enrollment object

photography enthusiast, the beginner, the current junior college graduate, the junior photographer, wants to engage in

commercial photography post A person with lofty ideals.

01 Phase I

Flying Wish! (Entrance - School Regulations, Class Discipline, Graduation Standards, Career Outlook)

Entrance Functional Analysis and Practice of

Fuselage | Fuselage by 8111 135 Digital Camera (White Balance, Exposure, Light Regulating, Focusing) Explanation and Practice of Menu Setting of

Camera (Picture Quality, Color Space, Photo Style, Histogram) Analysis and Practice of Common Functions of

Fuselage (Aperture, Shutter, ISO)/Fuselage Stage Check

Lens Common Sense Interpretation / Standard Lens / Wide Angle Lens and Extra Wide Angle Lens



Long Focus Lens / Zoom Lens: Lens with Variable Focus Lens

Fixed Lens: Lens with Variable Focus Lens / Luminaire Accessories Techniques

02 Stage II

Indoor / Outdoor Luminaires | Indoor / Outdoor Luminaires Appendix Operational Exercise

Appendix Operational Exercise

Appendix Operational Exercise Check/Photometry and Exposure Operational Stage

Photometer Operational Explanation/Indoor Lighting Exposure Operational Explanation Practical Practice

Photometry Techniques | Outdoor Photography Black Film and Exposure Explanation Practical Practice

Camera Four Ways of Light Measurement: Average Photometry Interpretation Practice of

Photography Exposure Control Basic Knowledge Interpretation/Modification Control Interpretation

Exposure Control | Heigao Still Life Product Photography Range Number Exercise/Baogang Still Life Product Photography Instruction Exercise

Intermediate Still Life Product Photography Instruction Exercise/Measurement Exposure Stage Review

03 Stage III

Photo Composition Basic Knowledge / Basic Elements of Photo Composition - Point Line Surface Golden Section

Still Life Product Scene Still Life Product Photo Composition Field Interpretation and Photography

Still Life Product Scene Map | Still Life Product Photo Composition Practice Photography - Space Sense Control Practice

Composition Techniques | Still Life Product Photo Composition Practice Photography - Special Composition Control Practice

Still Life Product Photo Composition Theory and Practice Check

Still Life Products Explain

Still Life Product Advertising Photography | Still Life Product Photography Practice - Single Lamp Photography Intensive Practice Photo-lighting Practice for Still Life Products | Multi-lamp Photography Practice LIGHTROOM PATTERN TRANSFORM PHOTOSHOP PATTERN TRANSFORM

(PS Later Revision)

Digital Photography Software Commercial Later Revision Course One Color Adjustment "Self-Computer"

Application and Original Picture

Pattern Transformation | Commercial Later Revision Course - Product Decoration (with Computer)

Commercial Later Revision Course - Composition (with Computer)

Alcohol Photo Interpretation Intensive Exercise / Luggage Photo Interpretation Although Exercise

| Still Life Products Taobao Advertising | Clothing Advertising Photo Interpretation Intensive Exercise / Shoe Cap and Leather Photo Interpretation Intensive Exercise

Photo Differentiation Course | Advertising Photo Interpretation Intensive Exercise / Jewelry Photo Interpretation Intensive Exercise

Electronic and Electrical Photography Interpret Intensive Exercise/Home Kitchen Photo Interpretation Intensive Exercise

Tea Tasting Photo Interpretation Intensive Exercise/Food Photo Interpretation Intensive Exercise

105 Stage 5

Beauty Change Skills Interpretation/Beauty Flow Change Actual

Beauty Control Skills Photographer's Language Communication Interpretation

Photographer's Basic Common Sense of Photo Composition

Photographer's Basic Elements of Photo Composition - Point, Line and Surface Golden Section

Portrait Photo Composition Space Sense Control Exercise

Exterior Photo Composition Exercise Photo-Special Composition Control Exercise

Photo Composition Theory and Practical Check

Indoor Portrait Light Distribution Techniques Explanation

Portrait Differentiation with Light Cloth Reflective Intensive Practice

Lighting Skills for Natural Light

Portrait Photography - Portrait Outside (Outside)

3. Portrait Photography - Pure Color Commercial Clothing Photography Practice

Portrait Photography Practice

4. Portrait Photography - Pure Color Set Multi-Style Portrait Photography Practice

(Indoor and Outside)

5. Portrait Photography - Pure Color Set Men Photography Practice Opinions on the Stage of Portrait Photography:

Business Late Photography Course - Color (with a computer)

PS Painting Course | Business Late Photography Course - Portrait Modification (with a computer)

Modification Composition | Business Late Mapping Course - Composition (with a computer)

Portrait Photography Practice Practice

Pictures Photographer X Frequent Questions

I have no foundation to learn?

courses for students with zero background, starting from the use of the most basic camera education, easy to understand, the shortest time to complete the largest education policy. What can we do about

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packages will be held. During the study period, we have instructors to teach

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